Ballet Class New!

(in memoriam of Marion Porter-Walsh) is composed and played by Menno Dekker,

containing all the needed time signatures for a well balanced free class of Intermediate to Advanced level, with a varied selection of Point work exercises.

53 tracks, total time 59,26 min


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Pre-Ballet Class volume 4

deals with many exercises for Primary and Standard 1 level and has a variety of mime pieces varying from haunted castles to fairies and lots of other ideas, all superbly played with added sound effects.

63 tracks, total time 65 min

Pre-Ballet Class volume 2

contains a large selection pf pieces for improvisation, including seasons, animals circus, etc., very useful for toddlers.

61 tracks, total time 61,40 min

Pre-Ballet Class volume 3

contains exercises, diagonal steps and mime, many with sound effects. The children love it, especially the train, the witches, the dinosaurs and many more.

54 tracks, total time 58 min

Ballet Class 1

with Point work , has a range of selected pieces of music in different time signatures for a free ballet class of Intermediate to Advanced level, beautifully played by Marion Porter-Walsh

43 tracks, total time 55,25 min

Children’s Ballet Class

contains barre exercises for the young children, diagonal steps, mime and short dances, some with sound effects.

64 tracks, total time 78 min

Pre-Ballet Class volume 1

is a compilation of short exercises, diagonal steps and mime for children from the age of 5 years old. Very useful for the preparation of Primary Examinations...

45 tracks, total time 49 min


1 Pliés

14 Rond De Jambe En L’air Slow

39 Batterie

47 Polka

1 Pliés

31 Balletic Polka

48 Chinese

2 Pliés

15 Grand Battements

27 Allegro

33 Spanish Waltz

40 Courus

1 Run & Jump

15 Big & Small

38 Snowflakes

50 Elephants

1 Skips

21 Arm Waves

27 Pony Small

10 Pliés

26 Train Stops

42 Sailor

2 Pony Canters

17 Wings

35 Monsters

51 Party